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Nightfall #2 Double Feature Cover A Maan House

Nightfall #2 Double Feature Cover A Maan House

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Cemeterians: While "skeletization" ravages the globe, causing chaos and death, Alan unveils Styx: a device capable of picking up signals from beyond the grave. After a chilling pet cemetery experiment, Alan and Ivy plug Styx into a human cemetery... and make contact.

Denizen: Enthralled by the malevolent force inhabiting an abandoned camping trailer, Helene's behavior becomes more fractured, and her-soon-to-be husband Richard is at a loss as to how to help. Young Maya finds herself equally affected by a dark dagger she's discovered, while her older sister Lily stumbles upon a ghastly clue in the desert that may explain it all... if she survives long enough to return to her family.

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